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K9 Fitness

K9 Fitness - It's a lifestyle!

Your dog's health is important to you!


You have a sport or working dog and want to: 

  • Keep your dog healthy and injury free

  • Get faster retrieves and tighter turns

  • Improve performance, speed or get better jumps

  • Address areas of concern in your sport

  • See your dog reach peak performance

  • Continue to enjoy the sport or work they do throughout their lives

A balanced K9 Fitness program will help your

dog reach new heights and become a top notch canine athlete!


Your active companion/pet dog likes to go hiking, play fetch, swim and/or play in the back yard or at the dog park! 


A quick turn, a divot in the ground or awkward landing can result in a painful injury!  

Increase strength and flexibility as part of a program to help avoid injuries!

Maybe your senior dog is having trouble getting up or down or not as steady on their feet and you want to bring back their get up and go!

Rebuild lost muscle and improve balance to keep your senior active and safe!


K9 Fitness is a program where dogs of all ages, breeds and activity level can enhance their overall health, maintain a healthy weight to help protect their joints and create better focus and improve behavior! 

 Vet bills are expensive! Just a simple exam for limping and x-rays can be hundreds of dollars!

Add in the cost of surgery for a shoulder, knee or even spinal injury - any of which can

happen just in everyday play - and your in the thousands!  

Not to mention the pain your dog may go through and the rehab process.

The benefits of a balanced K9 Fitness program far outweigh the veterinary bills! 

Help your dogs get fit and stay strong and healthy well into their senior years.

That's where our customizable programs come in!

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K9  Fitness Programs

Puppies/Young Dogs

Puppies and young dogs have endless energy and need guidance in safe ways to exercise, build confidence and learn how to use their legs and bodies safely as they grow.


In this program you and your young pup will get introduced to safe and low impact exercises and foundation skills that will help with body awareness and proper movement so that your pup stays healthy as they grow. 


And bonus, this also helps burn mental and physical energy as well as improves behavior!

Adult Dogs / Seniors

Your family loves to take your dog hiking, playing at the park, swimming at the lake and everything else that you all enjoy doing together.


And of course, you want to make sure they can enjoy these activities they love for as long as possible - happy, healthy and injury-free.  (No extra vet bills please!)


In this program you will learn more about your dog’s overall fitness and how to keep them safe, mobile, and lean for as long as possible so you can continue to enjoy life with them.  


Not only will you reduce the chances of injury that can easily occur even at the park or from that awkward landing after catching a toy, but your dog will also build more confidence, be able to move around better! 


And the great thing is - when they feel good, they also behave better!  Making training even easier and faster.

Sport / Working Dogs

You are super committed to your dog’s health and fitness!

We all know how much our dogs give physically and mentally to the sports they love! We want our dogs to be in the best possible condition to be at their peak performance when training and competing.  


Our sport and working dogs are athletes and we need to treat them as such and help prepare them to perform properly and safely.  


Have you ever wondered why your dog isn’t as focused during heeling or begins to hit the bar when jumping or has that occasional limp or favoring of a limb?


The various activities that we do with our sport and/or working dogs can actually create imbalances and thus increase the chances of injuries. 


Having a fitness plan that is designed for the specific sport or work your dog does will not only reduce the likelihood of injury but will increase their performance and longevity as well as improve their overall health!


Through specific exercises your dog will develop more strength, endurance, and balance and flexibility that will last them a lifetime!

To learn more about which K9 Fitness program is the best fit for you and your dog, give us a call.

You can also set up a free one on one video consultation to tell us more about your goals (and brag about your dog!) here.

And yes! Our very flexible and popular Virtual Coaching programs are still available!

Check out these video testimonials and success stories from just a few of the families who achieved great results with their dogs!

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