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K9 Nose Work®

Let your dog's nose lead the way!

K9 Nose Work® is a great way to build confidence for shy dogs, provide an outlet for active and high drive dogs, and gain positive problem solving skills! 

By utilizing your dog's natural hunting instincts (yes, every dog has this), your dog will have fun while learning the skills to excel at this fast growing game and sport!  

Dogs work independently of each other and with their team handler which makes nose work great for any type of dog!  Shy or sensitive dogs, dogs with social

or situational anxiety dogs with hearing or sight impairments, or even those

who are retired working dogs need of a "job". 

We begin by building on the dog's natural desire to hunt for their favorite food or toy, increase their independence and "odor" problem solving skills and continue to advance them to a variety of fun searches!  Dogs will enjoy searching whole rooms, outdoors, containers and even vehicles and can enter the exciting world of competitions with their best partner - you!

Enter the world of sniffing with your dog  - where a

dog can be a dog! 

Can't make it to a group class? 

1:1 private and small group privates can be set up by

contacting Angie by email.


Classes are held on Tuesdays
at Argus Ranch!  

New term starts June 6th - classes are full
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