virtual coaching success stories!

Here are just a few of the many people who loved the flexibility and the results from their virtual coaching programs!

I really enjoy working with Angie. She is positive and encouraging. I couldn't be happier with the virtual coaching program. Not only is it educational but it's fun! Great opportunity for strengthening your relationship with your dog. One of my favorite things about the program is the feedback from Angie. She is creative and resourceful in finding what works for each dogs personality. The attention to detail is remarkable! This is extremely valuable as it is easy to make a mistake while training our dogs.  Thank you Angie for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Your encouragement, kindness and dedication are appreciated.

Michelle F

Angie is AMAZING!! I adopted a puppy from Capital Area Humane Society back in 2020 and needed a refresher course on all things puppy. The virtual training experience has been nothing short of fantastic. I was able to select the date(s) and time(s) that worked within my schedule while sitting in the comfort of my home. Angie guided me through the basics of socialization/training but also answered any questions regarding nutrition, first-aid kit basics and the best toys to keep my boy busy when I needed to get some work done. It takes a lot of hard work, PRACTICE and dedication to have a great dog but it's been so worth it. Thank you, Angie, for your enthusiasm, creativity in coming up with different options to learn a new concept and the patience to help this owner learn how to make my dog the best companion a girl could ask for. I have truly enjoyed the journey.

Marina K

We did virtual classes with our sheltie pup. Angie makes sure your dog progresses on target. She helped us with many behaviors and made sure we got them stopped before they became bad habits. Her feedback videos are full of information that helps with training at home. Angie is a wonderful trainer whose goal is making sure both you and your pup are successful! Loved our time with her! Cardi is definitely a calmer more well behaved dog!

Deb B