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Serving the Puget Sound Area  & Virtually Across the USA


Have an active companion dog you want to keep safe during play or daily hikes?

Looking to improve your dog's speed and power in their favorite sport?

Want to enhance your dog's competitive performance?

Looking to learn how to prevent common injuries?

Want a healthy and fit dog from puppyhood all the way into their senior years?

Discover how to increase your dog's longevity, maintain a healthy body and even improve behavior!


This amazingly fun activity / sport is great for any dog and uses their incredible natural hunting and scenting abilities!

K9 Nose Work provides an outlet for active dogs, builds confidence in shy or sensitive dogs and allows them to excel at what they do best - sniffing!

Puppies, energetic adolescents, seniors, and dogs with physical limitations can all have fun learning to seek out their favorite food or toy in the beginning and move on to searching target odors! 


Want even more fun?  Advance to exciting competitions mimicking professional detection searches! 


Feeling like a broken record when it comes to getting your dog to listen? 

Are you frustrated by your dog jumping on you and other people?

Wondering if you'll get through the day without your dog lunging, barking or pulling on the leash?

Check out our programs that will transform

your dog. . .and your life!


Ella &


My dog Piper and I worked with Angie with her virtual coaching option for about two months back in the fall. Today we had a huuuge victory that I just had to share. While out in the courtyard at our apartment tonight a large group came out, she was off leash sitting by me when all of the other dogs that were out immediately began barking and going to sniff them out. Piper wasn’t very interested and didn’t let out a single bark or growl and continued staying by my side.

Ella and Piper

Angie is fantastic at what she does and has helped us SO much!! (Thank you!) When people see our dog now I get frequent comments about how much he's changed.

Stephanie and Oliver

We did virtual classes with our sheltie pup. Angie makes sure your dog progresses on target. She helped us with many behaviors and made sure we got them stopped before they became bad habits. Her feedback videos are full of information that helps with training at home. Angie is a wonderful trainer whose goal is making sure both you and your pup are successful! Loved our time with her! Cardi is definitely a calmer more well behaved dog!

Deb and Cardi



angie falcsik

Angie has always had a love for training dogs!  In 2002, she created Pawsitive K-9 Obedience and worked with hundreds of families helping transform their dogs who were not listening into well-mannered dogs.  People could enjoy walks again without their dogs pulling, have people over without their dogs jumping and be confident their dog would listen to them! 


But Angie knew there were other ways to help dogs and their owners in addition to obedience.  

Her experience with an injury to one of her dogs years ago led her to learning how to prevent injuries and improve the conditioning level in not only sport and working dogs, but pet dogs as well!  

Her expertise in and passion for K9 fitness allows her to understand the importance and benefits of K9 Fitness - both for our sport/working dogs and our companion dogs!  
After all, when the body is balanced, the mind follows!

Angie's search and rescue experience led her to the wonderful activity / sport of Nose Work!  Nose Work is a great way to channel energy into a positive and fun activity using a dog's natural ability to hunt and use it's nose - an activity that every dog can do!  

Angie's passion is bringing out the best in every dog and dog owner through fitness, nose work and/or obedience!

Angie changed the name of her business to Sound K9 Concepts to reflect all of the ways her passions can help dogs and their owners.



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